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> NO DATA, NO FEE GUARANTEE! No charge if we don't recover your data!
> FREE DATA RECOVERY ANALYSIS: We offer ALL our FREE data recovery analysis
> FAST DATA RECOVERY: 3 days Turnaround in most cases*
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Hard Drive Recovery + Data Recovery Services for Businesses and Private Individuals

Data Recovery CentreIf you have lost data as result of hard disk failure or a computer crash you have come to right place.

We specialise in data recovery from faulty computers, damaged hard drives, USB memory sticks and external backup hard drives.

It is unfortunate that any one should suffer data loss. However, if you are in the unfortunate position of losing your data as a result of a hard drive crash, we can help you. Call
0800 840 2131 now and a qualified data recovery specialist will be able able to help you with the recovery of your data and offer you all the various options available to you.

Customers are not charged for Data Recovery Analysis and quotation. As soon as we receive you hard drive, we will assess the damage and provide you with a full data recovery diagnosis and quote. The report will be emailed to customer for approval. If the quotation is not approved, there is no fee to be paid and the faulty hard drive can be collected.

Our technicians are capable to perform data recovery on any type of hard drive in the shortest possible time with the most competitive price.

FREE Data Recovery Analysis, FREE Data Recovery Diagnosis, No-Data No Fee

Data Recovery Centre can help you with:

We specialise in hard drive recovery covering brands such as Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Hitachi, Samsung, Quantum and external hard disks such as Lacie, Iomega, WD, Gtech and Freecom.

Every data recovery starts with a FREE diagnosis and a quote and upon the approval of the customer, the actual process of data recovery starts. Recovery of data from a faulty hard disk starts by cloning the faulty media to stop any further damage. Our data recovery techncians work on a cloned disk. If the hard drive is physically faulty, it is opened in our controlled dust-free lab and all the faulty parts such the head assembly and/or the motor is replaced. Once the disk has been repaired, it is imaged onto healthy hard drive so that the recovery and extraction of deleted files and data is made possible. Recovered data is then verified and copied onto DVDs or a USB hard drive and then returned to the customer.

DOs and DON'Ts of Data Recovery

  1. Do not run "software" recovery programs in this state. They cause Disk I/O read / writes, and
    this exerts a lot of stress on the read/write heads, which in turn causes errors to be written onto the disk, further decreasing the chances of data recovery.
  2. Crashed Hard Drive Heads: In the event of a head crash, the hard drive will most likely make a grinding or scraping noise. This is very serious and may strip the magnetic coating off the platters. This is highly damaging to the drive.  Immediately turn the drive off and disconnect it from your computer.
  3. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO POWER ON THE COMPUTER OR THE HARD DRIVE AS THIS MAY CAUSE IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. At this stage, you need to call the Data Recovery Lab technicians on 0333 5 777 120 who will advise you what to do next. For more information click here.
  • For a FREE consultation or booking a FREE data recovery analysis phone 0333 5 777 120 (European customers call +44 207 516 1077)

  • To send a hard drive or media for data recovery by registered post, use the media shipping form and address label.

  • For media shipping instructions, click shipping instructions.

  • For dropping-off your media, our address and contact details, directions and parking info click here.

Data Recovery in 3 Easy Steps:s::

  1. Talk to a data recovery specialists by calling 0333 5 777 120

  2. Print the shipping form, fill out the form and sign it.

  3. Put your hard drive in well-padded box (click here for detailed instructions) and post it to us using the address label at the end of the shipping form by recorded Royal Mail or Special Delivery

  • Alternatively you can drop off your hard drive if you are in London. (click here for directions and parking.)

Data Recovery Call Centre: UK Data Recovery Lab

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