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> Data Recovery Services for London and Greater London Area
> NO DATA, NO FEE GUARANTEE! No charge if we don't recover your data!
> FREE DATA RECOVERY ANALYSIS: We offer ALL our FREE data recovery analysis
> FAST DATA RECOVERY: 3 days Turnaround in most cases*
> HIGH Data Recovery Success Rate Up To 97%*!
LOW COST Data Recovery: Recovery From £195*!
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Data Recovery Lab has gathered a group of top data recovery technicians with over 15 years of experience in the data recovery industry who have an excellent track record in delivering professional data recovery and data retrieval systems and services. Most of our data recovery technicians are industry certified and are ex-employees of some major data recovery companies in the UK, Europe and USA. The founders of the Data Recovery Lab have been in the business of data storage, data retrieval and data recovery systems since 1995.

We are fully equipped to carry out the most complex data recoveries, no matter what the circumstances of data loss have been. Data Recovery Lab have close relationships with all the major data storage manufacturers such as Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, IBM, Fujitsu and Samsung. This enables us to know more about all the relevant data storage technologies they use. This in turn helps us to achieve better success rates in data recovery.

A dedicated customer service team in Data Recovery Lab will ensure that all data recovery cases are handled efficiently and professionally and proper communication with the customer is maintained.

Data Recovery Lab technicians can recover data from the following faulty hard drives:
  • Desktop/Laptop/Notebook USB & Firewire IEEE1394 hard disks;
  • Repair / Recover fix Mechanical / Electrical / Firmware Hard Disk drive Problems;
  • Hard Disk Drive not recognised in the BIOS;
  • Noisy Hard Drives with clicking, scraping or clunking sound;
  • Hard disks with read/write head crashes;

File Repair and/or data recovery from the following file systems:

FAT FAT32 and NTFS file systems; Linux with EXT2fs, EXT3, XFS, file sytems on standalone & RAID volumes;  Data recovery from from faulty or corrupt partitions, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged; Data recovery from all Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, NT 4.0, Windows™ XP and Windows™ 2000 systems;

Data Recovery Lab technicians are able to recover / retrieve files in the following situations
- UNC Uncorrectable Data Error - especially Maxtor SATA;
- Damaged Hard Drive As A Result of Power Surge;
- Hard drives damaged as a result of reversed power polarity and/or voltage from incorrectly plugging in power leads or cable;
- Data corruption in FAT/FAT32/NTFS File Systems
- Recycle Bin emptied or files were deleted without Recycle Bin;
- Data Loss As A Result Of Hardware or Software failures;
- Data loss As a Result of Power failure and power outages;
- Data Loss as a result of virus attack or virus infection;
- Data recovery from formatted or repartitioned hard drives;
- Data loss due to improper system shutdown;
- Data loss due to partitioning or boot sector problems
- Data loss due to hard drive PCB or logic board failure
- Data loss as a result forgotten or lost ATA password or decryption key;