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> Data Recovery Services for London and Greater London Area
> NO DATA, NO FEE GUARANTEE! No charge if we don't recover your data!
> FREE DATA RECOVERY ANALYSIS: We offer ALL our FREE data recovery analysis
> FAST DATA RECOVERY: 3 days Turnaround in most cases*
> HIGH Data Recovery Success Rate Up To 97%*!
LOW COST Data Recovery: Recovery From 195*!
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DATA RECOVERY CENTRE (UK) 0333 5 777 120

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Feedback and Testimonials



Natasha Pooladfar


12:21 h

I was really impressed by the professionalism and speed of service offered by the Data Doctors. I thought I had lost all my data forever after my laptop crashed. The hard drive was making loud ticking noises and my laptop stalled at startup; Data Recovery Doctor recovered virtually all the data I had accumulated over the years highly important for my business.


P. Jason, SM Consultancy


11:54 h

The server holding our data base crashed and we eventually managed to repair it, however to our horror we discovered that the hard drive is corrupt and is unreadable. Naturally we pinned our hopes to the daily tape backup. It turned our that the daily backup did not contain one key element of the data base which made it work. The log files. We had no choice except to find a data recovery company to help us with that. Data Doctors did a very good job and just under 4 days we our full data base up and running. Highly professional service.


S. Alvarez


11:42 h

I nearly lost all P.H.D dissertation which I had prepared two years. I stupidly had not bothered to back up. I had prepared myself for failure in my exams. Data Doctors successfully recovered all data on my laptop hard drive. What a great relief! Well done Doctor.


Sultan E Baktash


11:34 h

Data Recovery Doctor saved my business! Despite the fact that I had regular daily backups, unfortunately none of the backups worked and we devastated. I called The Data Doctors and explained the circumstances and within 4 days we had our data base back in order. Fast and efficient service and very good value for money. Highly recommendable service.


D. Brooks


09:13 h

Thank you for your fast, professional data recovery service. It was such a relief to find out that Data Doctors could recover my data which was many years work. You are great!


Nigel Heart


08:43 h

I had to pass on my thanks for the spectacular service you provided. A User had not backed up a very important project. It comprised of one months work. The disk in her PC that held the data then failed. We have a huge amount of expertise within our dept, and are rarely beaten, but this disk had lost its partition. And appeared to have lost all the data. Despite our best efforts, using all the tools at our disposal we could not recover the data. The faulty HDD was sent to you on Monday. On Wednesday we received two CDs with all the recovered data. Unbelievable! Not only that. At each stage of the saga, you staff were helpful, and even Returned calls when they said they would keep me informed of progress. AMAZING.


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