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> Data Recovery Services for London and Greater London Area
> NO DATA, NO FEE GUARANTEE! No charge if we don't recover your data!
> FREE DATA RECOVERY ANALYSIS: We offer ALL our FREE data recovery analysis
> FAST DATA RECOVERY: 3 days Turnaround in most cases*
> HIGH Data Recovery Success Rate Up To 97%*!
LOW COST Data Recovery: Recovery From 195*!
GREAT Customer Service + FREE Data Recovery Consultation & Advice

DATA RECOVERY CENTRE (UK) 0333 5 777 120

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FREECOM Data Recovery, FREECOM External Hard Drive Data Recovery, FREECOM external Hard Disk Data Recovery

Freecom Data Recovery, Freecom USB data Recovery, Feecom Hard Drive Data Recovery Freecom External Hard Drive Repair & Data Recovery including:

Freecom Mobile Hard Disk Drive 2.5"
Freecom Mobile Drive 2.5" USB 2.0 Win & Mac, 40GB 80GB 120GB 160GB, Freecom FHD-2 Pro 2.5" Mobile hard drive USB 2.0, 80GB 120GB 160GB, Freecom FHD-3 Stackable Mobile Hard Drive, Freecom ToughDrive Pro 2.5" Mobile hard drive 80GB 120GB 160GB, Freecom Desktop Hard Drives
Hard Drive 3.5" external hard drive solution, USB 2.0, Win & Mac, 80GB 160GB 250GB 400GB 500GB
Freecom Classic Hard Drive & Freecom Classic Hard Drive SL,

Freecom DataTank, Freecom Data Tank 3.5" External Dual Disk Hard Drive USB 2.0 / FireWire 800 & 400 WIN & MAC, Data Tank 500GB
Data Tank 800GB

Freecom SL Network Disk
Freecom SL Network drive 3.5" LAN & USB 2.0, Win & Mac, 80 GB 160 GB 250 GB 400 GB 500 GB

Freecom FSG-3 Gateway
Freecom FSG-3 Storage Gateway Router WAN LAN USB 2.0 S-ATA, Win & Mac, 160GB 250GB 400GB 500GB

Freecom Storage Gateway Wireless
Freecom Storage Gateway WLAN Wireless Network hard drive / 3.5" / Storage server Backup server, Web server,EMail server 160GB 250GB 400GB 500GB

Freecom Hard Drive PRO
Freecom Hard Drive PRO 3.5" USB 2.0 / eSATA / Win & MAC 250GB 400GB 500GB

Freecom FHD-XS
20GB 40GB 60GB mobile pocket hard drive USB 2.0

DataBar 128 MB, DataBar 256 MB, DataBar 512 MB,
DataBar 1 GB, DataBar 2 GB, Databar 4 GB

Freecom USB CARD Freecom USB CARD 256 MB, USBCard 512 MB,
USBCard 1 GB USBCard 2 GB

Freecom Waterproof FM-10 Pro USB
FM-10 Pro USB Stick
Waterproof USB Sticks USB 2.0, Win, Mac & Linux.

  • For a FREE consultation or booking a FREE data recovery analysis phone 0333 5 777 120 (European customers call +44 207 516 1077)

  • To send a hard drive or media for data recovery by registered post, use the media shipping form and address label.

  • For media shipping instructions, click shipping instructions.

  • For dropping-off your media, our address and contact details, directions and parking info click here.

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