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Computer Data Recovery:
Data Recovery Lab offers a comprehensive UK wide data recovery service that specialises in recovering data from hard disk drives and faulty laptops and PCs.

> We provide you with a professional, cost effective and prompt data recovery service from crashed hard disks and other computer-based media such as USB hard drives, Flash memory and camera or mobile phone removable storage devices.

> Our data recovery services include but not limited to: File Recovery,  disk recovery, NTFS recovery, FAT recovery, hard drive recovery, hard disk data recovery, password recovery, deleted file recovery, CD data recovery, DVD data recovery, Desktop data recovery, Laptop data recovery, Notebook Data Recovery, Apple Mac data recovery, PC Data recovery, Computer Data Recovery, RAID data recovery, Server data recovery, Flash Data Recovery, USB Hard Drive Data Recovery, USB Pen Data Recovery

> Data Recovery Lab Recovers Data in the Following Circumstances:

Mechanical Hard Drive Failures, Platter Damage from a Head Crash, Deleted Files and Partitions, Disk Reformatting, Physical Damage From Fire or Flood, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Failure, Virus Contamination, Virus Infection, Software Corruption, Blue Screen of Death, Head Crash, Media Damage, Hard Disk Controller Failure, Accidental Deletion, Hard Formatting, Hard Disk Repartitioning, Directory Corruption, Boot Partition Failure, Boot Sector Failure, Master Boot Sector Failure, Logic Board Failure, PCB Failure, Hard Disk Firmware Corruption, Hard Drive Firmware Failure.

At Data Recovery Lab, our data technicians will eliminate the mystery out of data loss, and they will able to recover the data in almost all cases. Never assume your valuable data is lost for ever! We have all the expertise and tools to successfully recover the data you think might have been lost forever.

Using highly advanced computer data recovery technology, Data Recovery Lab specialists will recover the data you need in a fast, secure and cost effective manner.

> How does the data recovery process work?

Once we receive your hard drive, it will be logged into our system & queued for evaluation by one of our data recovery technicians.

An initial FREE data recovery diagnosis report will be produced and emailed to you. which determines the failure mode of the drive, hard disk failure mode can be Logical, where a drive is working, but the data is no longer accessible or electronic failure where one or more components have failed on the electronics board or logic board on the back of the hard drive. Another possibility is that the internal pre-amplifier circuitry located inside the disk has failed. Another mode of failure is mechanical failure which means either the read/write heads or the motor have become faulty; This is normally associated with clicking or a grinding noise when you power up the hard drive. For a successful data recovery, faulty parts have to be replaced in a class 100 clean room using a donor hard disk. This will repair the hard disk temporarily and allows the data technicians to recover or extract as much data as possible. The report will contain the nature of the failure, cost of data recovery and an estimated completion date with various service options.

Upon receiving your approval to proceed, your hard drive will be "cloned", to safeguard the integrity of your data as all recovery procedures are performed on an exact sector by sector duplicate of your original drive and queued for the actual data recovery procedures.

If your hard drive is repairable, and passes all the "hard drive fitness test" then we will return your data on your repaired drive. If it is determined that your drive cannot be repaired or the repair is temporary just for the sake of data recovery, we would then return your recovered data in a variety of ways, including copying it onto a new hard drive or writeable CD/DVDs. If you have brought your laptop or PC for data recovery, then we would replace the faulty hard drive, reload your Operating System and copy the recovered data back onto the computer's new hard drive. (Additional costs may apply in this case therefore we will seek your approval before doing so.)

The data on the image media would be tested for accessibility and integrity and that the critical files open within their respective programs, any further logical repairs are made if necessary.

We will keep a copy of your data for 8 days week to ensure the successful your data has been received safely. After 8 days, your data will be automatically erased from our data recovery servers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact us on 0207 516 1077. We are fully committed to easing the fear and frustration that is normally associated with recovering from a data loss.
Next time, do make sure your back up your data!

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